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When he couldn't use the normal toilets, Roy resorted to using a disabled toilet, but accidentally pulled the emergency cord when he couldn't flush it. Suddenly, the employees of the theatre rushed to the toilet to help him. Roy, fearing that it was illegal for a fully-abled man to use a disabled toilet, lay on the ground and pretended that his wheelchair was stolen. Roy was given a new wheelchair and had to spend the rest of the evening pretending that he was disabled and ended up being put on a bus bound for Manchester full of gay disabled men. In late April or early May, Denholm committed suicide after irregularities were found in his pension fund.

During his funeral , Douglas Reynholm , Denholm's inexperienced, sexually-frustrated son burst into the church and proclaimed himself as the new Head of Reynholm Industries.

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At first, Moss and Roy didn't respect their new boss, giving him a phone which violently vibrates whenever rung, but both learn to treat him with some degree of respect eventually. Later on in the year, inspired by talking to Jen , Moss invented, patented and developed the Abracada-bra, a revolutionary bra which used a unique system of moving crystals to prevent it from becoming unwearable. Roy was taken in by the idea and persuaded Moss to take the idea to the entrepreneurial TV show Dragons' Den. Roy then appeared on Dragons' Den alongside Moss and Jen, however, due to an overheating problem, Moss' bra burst into flames while pitching his idea.

Roy was sure he had met Gary before, and it was only after he'd left that he realised why he recognised him. Roy convinced Jen to monitor Gary's every move as he was sure he would urinate in the sink if they left him unsupervised.

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Roy even helped Jen set up multiple hidden cameras around the house so she could watch his every move from the comfort of the basement. However, Roy became gradually more and more unsure as to whether Gary even featured on the programme, and eventually revealed to a furious Jen that the builder on the programme was actually black.

Later in the year, Roy, using football information he had acquired from a website , talked to a football fan about a match. He was convincing enough to be invited to join some other fans at a pub and was later invited to a football match with Moss. However, when at the match, Moss began to worry about getting in too deep with the fans and that they were messing with things they didn't understand.

Roy ignored him, and after losing a game of poker, Roy agreed to do a taxi job for his new friends. However, he soon found out that they were actually criminals who were using him as a getaway car in a bank heist, and Roy was forced to become involved in a police pursuit. Roy managed to escape the police and later abandoned his friends and only just avoided being arrested for his involvement in the robbery.

Sometime after, Moss spilled coffee on Roy's shirt and he was forced to wear only a jacket over his bare chest.

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When he passed by the building's tea lady, Olive, who had just collapsed, he was asked to give her his jacket to keep her warm. Reluctantly, Roy handed over his jacket to reveal he wasn't wearing anything under it. After walking around the office and getting jeered at by the workers, Roy was eventually thrown out of the building by security as he could not produce ID. Bare-chested, he walked the streets of London, and eventually had to resort to fishing a ragged shirt and jacket out of a bin.

He continued walking the streets and even slept under a sheet of cardboard, despite it being in the middle of the afternoon, and was eventually rescued by Jen and brought back to the basement. In , Roy broke up with his girlfriend, with whom he had had a long-term relationship. Roy struggling to recover from the separation from his girlfriend photoshopped her out of every picture he had. Resulting in some very strange photographs.

Some of which depicted Roy cycling a tandem bike and playing on a see-saw alone. However, Moss helped Roy get over the break-up when he re-enacted a scene whilst playing Dungeons and Dragons in which he played a queen who once had a romantic relationship with Roy's character. Through this scene, Roy finally realized his relationship with his ex-girlfriend was dead and finally got over the loss. Later in the year, Roy met an old school friend Alistair, whom he had attended college with. Alistair told Roy that he worked with Shotgun Games, but Roy was disappointed when Alistair didn't ask what Roy worked as.

Sometime later, Roy moved into a new flat and was surprised when his neighbor left window cleaning equipment attached to a bicycle inside the house. Roy cycled the bike out of the house and along the street in pursuit of the man, only to pass by Alistair again. Fearing that Alistair would think he works as a window cleaner, Roy cycled after Alistair but could not keep up. Roy was accidentally locked out of the club and stranded on the roof and was forced to ask a window cleaner if he could use his lift to drop Roy back on terra firma.

Unfortunately, Alistair saw Roy coming down on the lift. Again fearing that Alistair though he was a window cleaner, Roy shouted down at him, but to ill-effect. Roy eventually managed to track Alistair down and explained to him that he worked in IT and wasn't a window cleaner, but, when asked what computer software he uses, Roy made the mistake of replying "I usually work with Windows".

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Later on in the year, Roy was at a concert watching Sweet Billy Pilgrim when he injured his back whilst dancing with the crowd. Moss and Jen recommended he should see a masseur. Roy took this advice and went to his local spa. After getting a professional massage and thinking his back was cured, Roy went into shock when the masseur, named Paul, kissed Roy on his left buttock.

IT Crowd - "All Women love bastards" - Roys Tinder Account

Roy was nearly unable to recover from this and decided to share it with Jen and Moss. Although Jen thought it was hilarious, Moss took the matter extremely seriously and told Roy that the matter should be brought to court. Whilst being questioned by Paul's lawyer, Roy gave a speech about how he wanted Paul's reign of arse-kissing to come to an end and how he wanted the other person to experience what had happened to him. This speech won him the trial and he also received a standing ovation from the jury. Roy is extremely lazy and will avoid any physical effort at all costs.

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His work life consists of indulging himself on junk food and sugar while playing video games or surfing the web. He has a great love of comic books, reading them for hours on end while at work. He puts minimal effort into his job, despite the fact that he is more than capable of doing it well. He is very unhygienic and litters his desk and the floor with empty crisp packets and old comic books.

He has been described as a 'social piranha' by Jen, and his only true friend is Moss. He can be incredibly pessimistic at times and only smiles at the expense of others. He went through a phase in which he was affected be Jen's menstrual cycle and became overly feminine, crying when complimented and saying he thinks he is ugly. However, after having a 'big girls night out', he swiftly recovered. Roy is of average intelligence but can be extremely dimwitted at times. Roy is also incredibly, notoriously unlucky. If something happens in an episode it almost always happens to Roy.

So far he's suffered a head wound, a nosebleed, a hand wound, got stuck under a desk, attracted an abhorrent admirer in the form of Judy, slapped by his boss, and unwillingly exhibited menstrual behavior; and that was only in the first season.

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In the second, he got patronised by his favourite soap actress when he pretended to be disabled, tricked into thinking he was going to die at a specific time, got dumped by his dinner date, had lipstick applied to his mouth while he passed out during a party at a club as part of a prank, and, with Moss, got locked in a room with a Rohypnol-crazed Douglas.

In the third season, he got tricked into helping some "real men" with a robbery and had coffee spilled on his shirt and had to be thrown out of the building, leaving him lost and forlorn for two hours. In the fourth season, he got dumped by his girlfriend, stuck on a roof, had both his hands burnt, had his back injured, got traumatized from being kissed on the rear, and was paralyzed at the sight of a bomb as though glued to the cement. He has brought this bad luck upon himself quite a few times whenever he acts like a jerk, but in any case, he seems to get the wrong end of the stick more than his coworkers.

In , Roy, Moss , and Richmond were asked by Jen to fill in at a singles dinner party after three other men failed to show up. Roy was sat beside Paula , a model who had been involved in a car accident and whose face was covered in bandages. Throughout the evening, Roy tried to discover what Paula's face was like under the bandages, to ill-effect. When Roy walked her home, he "gambled" and asked her out on a date, and was devastated when she said no. He has occasionally slept with women who he wouldn't have gone out with if he was sober, including Dr.

The IT Crowd Complete. Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Roy Trenneman Richard Ayoade Maurice Moss Katherine Parkinson Jen Barber Hannah Bourne Daniel Carey Carsten Hayes Chris Tarrant voice Bennet Thorpe Edit Storyline Deciding that women only like bad boys Roy goes on a blind date with a changed image as a womanizer.

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Roy Trenneman

Trivia The creator and director of the series, Graham Linehan, appears in "Messy Joe's" as one of the mariachi band members. He is the heavier of the three with the mustache that sings into the camera. Goofs When Roy and Moss are viewing the picture of Roy's date on the computer at pre-broadband speed, the girl very clearly has dark, brown hair. But when Roy meets her at Messy Joe's, she is a blonde.