Dating a sisters ex

Total Sorority Move | 12 Times It’s Acceptable To Date A Sister’s Ex

He tried to get her help and she just took our niece out of state for away. He just pretends everything is great with the mom and let's the mom have whatever she wants so he can take his daughter every weekend because it was the only way to be near his daughter. The rest of the family takes her on shopping sprees.

We have to buy for the mom too. Spending money is the only way she allows us to see our niece. We are nice to her but the event and she is a joke in our family.

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She goes through every home, car, opportunity etc we set give her. I guess many families might have experienced a situation like that but I would never respect my ex or treat him like real family.

If you too aren't close enough to talk all the time and see each other a lot then it's not a big deal just give her space to do her thing. Warn her why you ditched him but then it's on her. I never did with theirs. One funny time their was this one guy I was talking with for six months.

I Want to Date My Sister’s Ex-Boyfriend

I liked him a lot. We owned houses right down the street from each other, hung out a lot, but I was holding off his advances because I had to travel for six months and wanted to let us both be single during that time. He even just told me he was falling in love with me in hopes I would start a relationship with him. I invited him to my going away party. I got food poisoning and had to leave my own party. My BestF, potential boyfriend, and a bunch of my friends continued the night at my insistence and crashed back at my same hotel later.

My BestF hooked up with my new potential boyfriend that night because she said he was hot. She thought I brought him for her because I hadn't even kissed him yet and never said anything about liking him. He couldn't have been that in love. He said he was drunk and she started going down on him in a bathroom and blamed her. He begged for a second chance at starting a relationship when I returned. She confirmed she was the aggressor and she was just hooking up with him and didn't want her boyfriend to know but I still passed. She and I have been best friends since Depends on why we broke up.

If my ex was a total d-bag, I wouldn't want my sibling to date someone like that. My little sister did it to me and I hardly talk to her anymore. Except it was a two year relationship and he cheated on me with her.

I will never forgive her. That's low for a friend, but a sister. My cousin did that to me.


A couple of years later and we only dated a few months. I was more embarrassed for her since she had to re-introduce him to everyone at family events. I felt like it said a lot about her character. We no longer speak anymore for unrelated reasons. Then they broke up. My uncles talk, but it's definitely not the same.

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The whole situation is disgusting! I hate home wreckers.

I wouldn't say it's common but before you get super upset or mad I'd talk to your sister about it. It sucks he's your ex and that the breakup was bad but if it is serious I wouldn't make your sister chose or anything and don't make her regret getting caught. She should have told you but you can't change that now. I married my best friends ex. They dated for 6 years and had a messy breakup where he had a history of cheating.

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I didn't mean to fall in love with him but it happened. A person who would prefer you not to be happy in love is not a person I want in my life anyway.

I DID A THING: I Dated My Sorority Sister's Ex. Is That Wrong?

Talk to your sister and see if it is real and has substance, don't make her feel guilty because she probably already does. This person wrote about dating his brother's former girlfriend without him knowing. This woman said she dated her sister's ex-boyfriend. I can't help but feel like he did it on purpose'. Lots of the contributors admitted not informing their sibling that they were dating their former partner. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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