Ecuador dating and marriage

That is maybe why they are still looking. The young or younger men who are looking are still married.

If they are looking, they are less easy to spot. Maybe it was Edd who Said that the single expat women in Cuenca are amazing. Or maybe he said there is an amazing number of single expat women. Well, I see attitudes for dating haven't changed much over the years. But one thing is true everywhere; people date other people they really like.

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It is no different here. Two things I have noticed. First, women in Ecuador seem less interested in physical characteristics here and are more interested in security for their family and I don't mean that in a cynical way. I don't know the birthrate here, but from appearances, it must be pretty high.

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If you don't work here, you will probably get lots of offers from friends who want you to meet someone. Otherwise, work lets you get to know people by yourself. It doesn't take much to be both nicer and more respectful to women than most Ecuadorian men. In that way, you will be more attractive to Ecuadorian women.

But, I think the characterization of women here being gold diggers is a little over the top, but may have been just an attempt at humor. Also, keep in mind the role of family in this culture.

Ecuador Dating

Many North Americans will find the constant attention of their intimate other to family odd, but it is perfectly normal and can cause lots of problems if that is not understood. They will love you very much, but will love their family no less. It is the same way in the Philippines and many other third world countries, where often family is all one has. And being a good Catholic country causes big families. Big problems crop up in the Philippines when the entire extended family expects the American or other foreign spouse to help support everyone.

Is there enough of a sampling to know if this is also a potential problem in Ecuador? I'll be down to Ecuador for the entire summer. I'm just going to start off all my conversations with Ecuadorian girls by saying, "I'm broke. I'm not fat or bald or elderly, so hopefully my charm, boyish good looks, and quick wit will carry me far. I've been to Colombia and agree with the consensus that Colombian girls are stunning. I've never been to Ecuador, but the internet rumors seem to be that Ecuadorian girls aren't the lookers that their Colombian neighbors are. Anyone willing to use the anonymity of the internet to confirm or deny this for me?

The pictures and videos I've seen of the nightlife in Quito mostly show what I would consider to be some very attractive local women, but I know you can't ever tell what a place's deal is by watching youtube videos. It won't be a bust either way. I'm coming to enjoy the country regardless of the hotness or unhotness of the ladies, but hot chicks are always great to have around. The difference is more cultural than in the appearance. Some lives with their parents until they are married, and then want to trade their family for another one.

Gringos Marrying Ecuadorian Women Pros and Cons

Not sure they even understand the concept of just dating someone. My friend could not even sleep over because..

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The Colombian girls I've meet in Ec, were alot more 'open for business' and overall more evolved then their southern counterparts. That sounds like something I don't want to even mess with. It's not that I have to sleep with a girl to go out and have a good time - at all. But the other end of the spectrum is a real turnoff for me. I shouldn't have to promise or insinuate a commitment to some girl just to go on dates and have some beers.

If men have to respect the fact that some women want to date without the pressure of sleeping together, then women should respect that men might want to date without the pressure of marrying her. And if I were dating a grown woman that had a curfew, I think I'd just find something else to do with my time. I dunno; I've also learned to never say never, so I'll just roll with whatever happens. It sounds as if Colombian girls are a better option for hanging out and partying with. Thanks for the info, Nemesis. I realize that these are generalities, but it at least gives me an idea of what I can expect to encounter.

Ecuadorian Women

When I lived in California, I dated a girl across the border, and she was pretty conservative in the way you described. Was a pain having to take a grown woman home at midnight lest her parents think her to be a tramp. But I was early 20's then and was a lot more enamored by women and willing to jump through hoops to put up with their bullshit. Now that I'm older, if a woman requires a lot of hoop-jumping, I'm more apt to say eff it and go watch football. If Ecuador is like Mexico and the Philippines, then there are only two classifications for unwed women, they are either virgins or whores.

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  • You may want to rethink thinking that Ecuadorian women are gold diggers. That attitude will be reflected in your behavior and, besides, it really isn't true. Cultural differences can be complex and not understanding these differences is a bad way to start a relationship. A few important things to understand.

    Catholic and family values rule this culture generally speaking. Many unmarried children live at home until they marry.

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    Privacy for this group is almost non-existant. You will often see young couples sitting on park benches "petting" as the old-fashion phrase goes. Oddly, that feels more private to them because around the home with the parents watching would be much worse. If the women are older, they will probably be married and likely to have a child.

    So, many divorced women will also have children. Privacy in this situation can also be a challenge. Family seems to always be around. This is not a problem for Ecuadorians, but it may be for you. But, not welcoming their family would be unadvisable. In Quito, Guayaquil, or Cuenca, the situation may be a little more like you are used to, but, of course, these are just generalizations.

    Ecuador is not a culture of one-night stands or casual relationships. But, if you want a real, long-term relationship, you will not find women more kind, tolerant, and understanding.

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    K immigration advice marriage. Join, make greek singles from ecuador are very interesting and family custom. For others, dating is more relaxed in regards to who children can date as chaperones are uncommon. Weddings often take place in a Catholic Church as the parents of the bride and groom tend to stand up front with the couple as opposed to bride's maids and groomsmen. However a couple can also marry in just a civil ceremony, which seems to be more common today than it was in the past although many of these marriages will be blessed by the church.

    There is a taboo about getting a divorce from a church wedding, but from a civil marriage divorce is fairly easy and more socially acceptable. Your Guide to Ecuador: After the ceremony there is often a large reception and party with food, dancing, and drinking, which is often just whisky on the rocks. DJs and bands are both common and wedding celebrations can go well into the night, or even the next morning. The family dynamic in Ecuador is significantly varied as the country has a slight reputation for men having multiple wives and a high divorce rate.